Know How Whatsapp has Become The Highest Utilized Messenger Application


The most favored and convenient mode of messaging in the current social media world is stood with ‘Whatsapp’. The highest paid messenger application, which has the maximum users and the most appreciating, reviews among all available. This application attracted the attention of its users very finely and at an exorbitant rate. The users of which increased to somewhat an infinite rate, at the present moment there must be merely five to ten percent people who are excluded from the world of Whatsapp. The app developers made the app and its functions so alluring comfortable that every individual user got easily adapted to it and hence went on utilizing the app for more interactions among the world and its various people.

What are the easy ways through which one can proceed with the app?

The application does not demand very long or complex features to be performed by the user before entering. There are precise and clear steps, to begin with, they direct the users very clearly at every step as to what is to be done next to proceed with the messaging at the end. Also, its features of messaging and other specialized features are also not complicated but are made easy. The few steps can be seen as:

  1. Install: the app can be installed from the Play-store of the usual Android phones, by searching for Whatsapp app and clicking on the install
  2. Account: after the installation the next step moved is to make an account, usually, it can be attached with Google account of the users’ phone.
  3. Chats: move ahead with the chats tab to view for any chats. This icon would be of use only when the user will connect Whatsapp with the contacts in the phone so that people might get aware of the user being in Whatsapp and will then proceed with the welcome messages.
  4. Your start: the user’s initiative would begin with the ‘new chat’ option where the user can start a new chat by selecting a contact and then proceed by typing the first message.
  5. Other features: there are even other features available that the user can utilize to interact more with people like the video calling or the Whatsapp calling. Also, there is now an option for status updates, which define mainly the current activities of the user which they are performing and acknowledging the rest known people with the same.

Therefore, Whatsapp has made the whole world a small place by connecting all of the people so easily and comfortably that nothing seems far. The facilities that the app provides are of great appreciation like the normal internet calling, video calling, group chats, image capturing etc. all of these has made things so interesting and exciting that people are all mesmerized into its use. Whatsapp is known to be the source of social media which has maximum users and maximum appreciating and loving views from its customers.